News on development proposals on the Annapolis Neck

Do you oppose excessive development on Forest Drive, destruction of forest, crowded schools, congested roads?  Tell it to the Mayor!  Sign the Sierra Club’s petition! Click on this link:  Sierra Club petition to Annapolis: Forests vs Traffic

And here is our earlier petition for your to sign too.  Click on this link:  STOP ANNAPOLIS FROM TRADING FORESTS FOR TRAFFIC!

Here is a brief update on four development proposals that, if permitted, will diminish our quality of life and the environment.  Go to the “Forest Drive” tab and read more.

Crystal Spring Farm: 80 acres of undeveloped forest on Forest Drive at Spa Rd.  This is three projects under one name:
Continuing Care Retire Community of 362 residences for seniors + 130 townhouses for families + a 5-acre shopping mall.  It is the largest development ever proposed in the City.  The developer has yet to submit an application for development review with the city.   However, much controversy has already arisen due to the magnitude of the project’s impact on the forest, traffic and schools.  A Traffic Study has been completed but the City refuses to make it available to the public until the developer files their application.

Visit Crystal Spring Facts for more information, maps, news articles.

Reserve at Quiet Waters:   Proposed 158 homes on 40 acres near the corner of Forest Drive and Hillsmere Drive. 

On Feb. 7, 2013 the Board of Appeals denied the application, based primarily on traffic issues.  Another city board, the Building Board of Appeals dismissed the application because the Forest Conservation Plan had not been approved by the City’s Dept.consequences for the environment, traffic and schools. 

Read the Guest Column by David Prosten, Sierra Club chairman, in the Capital, 4/28/12, “City absurd in allowing Reserve at Quiet Waters“, to learn how the City bends and twists to give the developer whatever they want, to shut out citizens’ inquiry and testimony, and to fail to protect the environment and public interest.

To see the latest proposed development plan for the Reserve at Quiet Waters click below.  After viewing, click on your browser’s back arrow to return to this site.

12 04-12 Reserve at Quiet Waters – development sketch

The map below shows where forest should be protected.  It is a healthy forest and wildlife habitat, adjacent to Quiet Waters Park.  Write the Mayor of the City of Annapolis to say that he has to exercise his authority to protect this healthy forest and valuable habitat from development under the state’s Forest Conservation Act.

GIANT GAS STATIONthe Giant’s applied for a special exception to build a gas station in the parking lot of the Bay Ridge Shopping Area’s parking area.

The Board of Appeals public hearing will be on May 17, 2013.  On July 20, 2012, Circuit Court handed back to the City Board of Appeals their decision to accept the special exception, asking the Board to review their decision in light of the Circuit Court’s opinions.  The Circuit Court agreed with citizens that the traffic study is required and that the Comprehensive Plan needed to be followed.  will meet to review

SYAN has organized a petition to Giant, stating that as consumers we do not want a gas station.  Contact us to sign.  Let’s unite to stop this foolish effort that detracts from our community’s sense of place!

The Hayes Annexation:   was accepted by City Council on April 23, 2012.  The proposed development will be limited to either 135 apartments or 86 townhouses.

To learn more about these proposals and others, please refer to their individual pages under Forest Drive on the menu at the top of this page.